Kees Verweij


Kerkenbos 10-31
6501 BL Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Kees Verweij is Partner at BCI Global, and has over 25 years of experience in European transport and logistics networks. He graduated in port economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and has a Master in Transportation and Logistics management (MTL) from the TIAS Business School Tilburg. His focus is on improving the competitive position of companies, ports and regions in transport and logistics by optimizing and coordinating the use of all available transport modes in a sustainable network. He is one of the leading experts in the Netherlands on logistics innovations, such as synchromodal transport and truck platooning. His major clients include national and regional authorities, manufacturing companies and logistics service providers. He is also a member of the Synchromodal Transport committee of the Dutch Logistics Top Cluster. Besides, he has worked on mapping the economic value of and job creation in logistics operations in the Netherlands, not only in outsourced logistics but also in industries, trade, the building sector, etc. He regularly publishes in logistics trade magazines, among others LOGISTIEK, the main logistics trade magazine in the Benelux. He often speaks at workshops and seminars. His recent specific expertise 2011-2016 in four areas are port and hinterland networks, strategy for logistics hot spot regions, economic and societal value of logistics operations, innovations in logistics, and among others synchromodal transport.


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