Real Estate Market Analysis and Feasibility Analysis

The analyses of trends, the development of future forecasts and a specific, fact-based vision are required to answer questions regarding market interest for and the feasibility of real estate projects. This accounts for specific buildings but also for locations or real estate concepts. The development of real estate and location concepts can only be done successfully if based on detailed insights in product/service/market combinations. This includes the definition of quality and service levels, understanding the competitive position (including pricing levels) of the new projects, building or location and last but not least, thorough risk analyses.

Location or real estate concepts

Recognizing opportunities is a positive attitude, neglecting risks leads to bad decisions. A thorough and comprehensive market or feasibility study provides insight into the critical elements of real estate concepts and/or location concepts:

  • Concept/product/service
  • Specific target groups
  • Competitive positioning on a regional, national or international level
  • Vision on the market dynamics
  • Risks, potentially leading to adjustments of the new development

Real Estate Market Analysis and Feasibility Analysis & BCI advice

As a leading real estate consultancy firm BCI knows the dynamics of the market, the most important players and the key trends and developments. We combine this knowledge base with a pragmatic and fully independent perspective, fact-based projections, creativity and the capacity to recognize opportunities and develop new real estate and location concepts. Based on BCI market and feasibility analyses investors, developers and public authorities around the world are making successful investment decisions.

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