Supply Chain Analytics

Successful and leading companies such as Google, Amazon and Procter & Gamble have one important characteristic in common: they all use and analyze big data to steer their businesses to a next level. Many companies have lots of data points in different systems or at suppliers (i.e. logistics service providers), but do not have the right toolkits and techniques to mine and analyze these data sets.

Business intelligence supply chain dashboards 

Companies who invest in developing a data repository, can use this to visualize supply chain performance using dashboards. By doing so, performance can be measured and the improvement potential can be identified. Business intelligence is the foundation for a supply chain center of excellence.

Using Big data in logistics to apply advanced analytics

Big data logistics can be used in the supply chain field to:

  • Determine the optimal supply chain network
  • Identify supply chain collaboration opportunities with horizontal or vertical partners
  • Determine the optimal number of carriers, transport routes and flows
  • Identify, assess and predict any risks in the supply chain and use this information to mitigate the impact of risks
  • Enable benchmarking of transport costs
  • Facilitate visibility in the cost to serve different customers and channels, which helps to optimize the product portfolio, split customers into segments, develop appropriate sales policies, etc.
  • Forecast demand through demand sensing or shaping techniques, which enable the development of a Sales & Operations Plan (S&OP), which in turn optimizes inventory across multiple echelons

Supply chain analytics & BCI advice

BCI support clients with data mining, and the development of data models and visualizations to support business decisions. Powerful supply chain visualization tools and advanced analytics are used to present information from big data sets in a more clear and compelling way. Through these interactive supply chain dashboards and reporting solutions we support our clients in decision making processes. BCI can conduct these services on a project basis or on a managed service basis.

BCI also supports clients in the development of a Center of Excellence (COE) and subsequently provides said COE input with the right analytical input.

The visual below illustrates the BCI Supply Chain Analytics Service offering.

Supply Chain services Buck Consultants International

Source: BCI

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