How to select a Logistics Service Provider?

Often shippers are dissatisfied with the relationship and the service they gain from their Logistics Service Provider (LSP). What are the reasons and how to avoid future disappointments by using BCIGlobal’s solid and proven selection process of the right Logistics Service Provider?

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BCI Global tackle risk in an uncertain world

Effective external risk management is a complex task involving a combination of operational strategy and mitigation techniques. Rene Buck, CEO of Netherlands based management consultancy, BCI Global, tells us more about business disruption risks and methods of coping with them.

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Your guide to the Top-100 Logistics Service Providers 2019 in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the major gateways to the European market. Many logistics service providers are offering a wide array of activities and operations to international shippers, ranging from simple transport, handling and storage to tailor-made value added operations. For every specific European supply chain, a best-fitting logistics service provider can be found in the Netherlands. But where do you start in finding the right Dutch logistics service provider for your European distributi

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René Buck of BCI Global Wins Business Worldwide Magazine's CEO Award

Business Worldwide states the following in a press release. The founder and CEO of  BCI Global has been named “Best CEO in the Management Consulting Industry” in the 2019 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.

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Is your Supply Chain China proof?

China’s size, economic growth and fast development of internet sales are unique in the world. This makes distribution network optimization complex. Companies need to establish a different approach to network optimization to make their supply chain China proof.

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India’s Tax Reform & Its Impact To Supply Chain

India is known for its highly complex tax regime in the past. Under the country’s reform spearheaded by Mr. Modi, the current prime minister of India since 2014, India has revolutionized their complex tax structure with the introduction of Goods & Service Tax (GST). This change is highly welcomed by foreign investors. In last 5 years, there are new foreign direct investments into India. The biggest changes are seen in business and their supply chain models.

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Webinar: Network optimization in a digital environment for Healthcare companies

February 27, 2020

The Healthcare market is going through disruptive times at the moment. Driven by ongoing mergers and acquisitions and serious complexity in terms of regulatory and changes from a governmental perspective. It is truly challenging to satisfy customers on a global scale. Product shortages are increasing, and it becomes increasingly difficult to satisfy all global demand in all channels.

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Logistics Alumni & Company event - Expanding borders - the future is here

March 5, 2020

BCI Global is attending Logistics Alumni & Company event in Venray, where professionals and alumns working in the logistics or supply chain sector or last year logistics or supply chain students come together to get inspired and share knowledge.

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Webinar: Benchmarking and Optimizing your Transportation set up for Machinery & Equipment manufacturers

March 19, 2020

Many manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment have decentralized manufacturing and distribution operations across the globe with many carriers with a lack of visibility and control. Do you consider yourself best in class in terms of transport (management)?

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Webinar: The added value of End-to-End Control Towers

March 26, 2020

A lot of companies have developed a Control Tower to create visibility and to manage transportation and logistics. However the scope, level of IT sophistication and success of these Control Tower operations varies significantly.

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