Six tactics to create visibility & control in an uncertain Supply Chain

Never before have the vulnerabilities of complex global supply chains been so exposed as today. Long and unreliable lead times, lack of capacity across the supply chain, congestion at ports, suppliers unable to deliver to promise and number of customer orders going through the roof. If a company is not able to create the necessary visibility and control in its supply chain this will seriously jeopardize the business. To support brand owners BCI has developed a framework with 6 tactics to create control in these uncertain times.

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Global Legal Support Location Strategies

Legal firms are looking at ways to optimize their legal services as the conventional way of working 100% in the office has been radically challenged during the pandemic. Now, many legal firms expect growth across most global geographies and are re-evaluating their location strategies. Right-shoring turns out to be different for different players

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Omnichannel retail requires an integrated seamless supply chain

As customers worldwide combine online buying with physical shopping, companies have to organize their supply chain in a seamless way, offering the consumers one great experience. But how to do that and what are the IT platform requirements?

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Assuring software development talent in Europe

The shortage of software developers is pushing companies in Europe to become more creative regarding sourcing new talent and developing future proof location strategies. In order to assure the required software talent in Europe, an in-depth assessment of candidate locations is the key to success: at the end of the day there is no lack of talent if you are the preferred employer.

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Reshoring Production Back to Europe and the US is on the rise, particularly for critical parts and final production processes

Over 60 percent of European and US manufacturing companies expect the next three years to onshore or re-shore part of their Asia production. In the majority of these cases it is about limited volumes (minority of the volume) and/or critical parts and prod-ucts. But one out of five companies expects to repatriate even the majority of the China and Asia production capacity

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E-commerce: moving from online seller platforms to direct-to-consumer changes your supply chain

Online shopping is booming for digital native and brick&mortar companies alike. Selling online direct-to-consumers (D2C) is more and more important. But selling D2C requires a more advanced supply chain and a more mature logistic service provider. 

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Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2022

May 26, 2022

After a period of meeting virtually, we are able to return to the dinner table. Based on the positive feedback from participants of previous editions, our Leadership Forum provides a unique opportunity to network with your peers at VP level, providing high value content, as well as extensive interaction in a behind-closed-doors environment.

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Supply Chain Innovation Summit

June 9, 2022 - June 10, 2022

BCI Global will be present at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit where supply chain leaders provide the latest developments like customer centricity, digitized supply chains, and how to navigate this decade of disruptions.

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