Six strategic initiatives for supply chain and manufacturing leaders in advanced manufacturing industries

As there now is real light at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic tunnel, for many companies the key question is: what strategic supply chain and manufacturing footprint initiatives to take in order to prepare ourselves for the future and how to implement them?

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Making your manufacturing footprint more resilient

For most companies clearly the time has come to take a longer-term perspective again and prepare the company for potential new disruptions in the future. BCI Global has defined 5 strategic initiatives that companies should adopt when preparing the manufacturing footprint for the future.

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Manufacturing in the US: now or never?

The US economy is ‘hot’. Fueled by the Covid-19 recovery with a forecasted economic growth of more than 5 per cent this year and the substantial investment packages of President Biden domestic and foreign companies are investing in new manufacturing plants. But labor market challenges are around the corner.

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Practical tactics for shippers to weather the storm in ocean freight

Currently, there is a serious storm or even a hurricane ongoing in the ocean freight industry. Rates are at an all-time high (BCI’s monitor shows an average of factor 4, with outliers of factor 10!), capacity is limited which is strengthened by the false container positioning and port congestion due to Covid-measures and high demand is counted in weeks instead of days. The reliability of ocean freight is all time low which pushes the need for end to end visibility even further.

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Right-shoring location strategies for Support Centers

Although the vast majority of multinational companies already has some sort of support model in place, the global Support Services market is still expected to mature and grow further with 4 billion USD until 2027. Companies are now focusing on process efficiency, added value, digitalization and innovation. Also, many companies are using their best service delivery models to also target emerging markets. What key trends are taking place in the Support Center market and what does this mean for the global right-shoring location strategies for Support Centers?

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Are your Transport Operations VARS proof?

An integrated approach focusing on Visibility, Affordability, Resilience and Sustainability helps to cope with the current transport challenges. BCI Global has developed this so-called VARS framework to support companies improving their transport operations.

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2021 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

October 31, 2021 - November 3, 2021

BCI Global will be present at the 2021 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Boston, which will have 200+ Exhibitors. This event draws pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals at all levels of the industry from emerging leaders to the most senior executives in drug manufacturing, supply chain, devices and equipment and services, and global regulatory agencies.

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Webinar: How to Develop and Implement International Expansion Strategies going into Europe, The United States, and Asia-Pacific

November 2, 2021

The global medtech industry is projected to grow further in the next years with healthy CAGRs of 5 to >10 percent depending on the product segment. A significant part of this growth will come from new fast-growing companies bringing new promising products to the market. But how to build the international operations strategy for new geographies to ensure a successful launch? How to determine the best location for international offices? And how to set-up the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution base for further international expansion?

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Webinar: How to Develop and Implement International Expansion Strategies for Innovative Cell & Gene Therapy companies going into Europe, the US or Asia-Pacific?

November 3, 2021

The cell and gene therapy segment within life sciences is expected to grow very fast, with global CAGRs of 25-40% according to multiple independent sources.

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European Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summits

November 8, 2021 - November 10, 2021

BCI Global will be present at European Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summits, where supply chain and manufacturing leaders provide best practices and much more.

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