More Tech Talent in Support & Services Centers

Finding the optimal location for new Support & Services Centers has always been talent driven. But now technical skills are becoming decisive and this has a profound impact on location decision processes.

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Transportation Monitor - Your enabler to develop and adjust freight procurement strategies

For many companies transportation of goods is the highest operational supply chain expense. It is not uncommon that transportation costs represent 50% or more of the supply chain spend. Despite transportation rates being volatile, the all-time low prices over the last years will not be the standard for the future.

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The rise of Supply Chain Center of Excellence (COE) powered by Advanced Analytics

Technologies as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are on the rise, fueled with an increasingly complex business environment (e.g. Brexit, the Amazon effect, US-China trade war). This forces companies to rethink their Supply Chain towards a more repetitive and proactive attitude.

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Life Sciences companies are not harvesting the benefits of innovative supply chains & technologies

Many Life Sciences companies are not benefiting from innovative supply chains and technologies. Managing and rationalizing the supply chain from a cost and quality perspective is not a key priority for business executives. For high margin products the focus is often on de-risking the supply chain. 

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Forbes Magazine: BCI Global among the Best Management Consulting Firms

Nijmegen, the Netherlands headquartered consulting firm BCI Global has made it to Forbes’ 2019 list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms. Yesterday, the prestigious business magazine Forbes released its annual listing of best management consulting firms. The economic, location and supply chain consulting firm BCI Global (Buck Consultants International) is one of the selected firms.

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Future of Freight Control Towers; towards an End-to-End and digitalized supply chain

Buck Consultants International (BCI) has hosted a number of interactive sessions on Control Towers (CTs), enabling over 100 Control Tower using participants debated the trends and developments. The most important conclusion has been that although Control Towers have been widely adopted, the step toward an End-to-End Supply Chain scope and the convergence of the physical and digital world (digitalized Supply Chain) still needs to be made by most companies.

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Webinar: How to make logistics outsourcing successful?

October 23, 2019

Over time the appetite for outsourcing of logistics activities is changing. There are good reasons to outsource, and there are good reasons not to, or even to insource logistics. Drivers for outsourcing vary by industry segment and also depend of the specific roles of logistics in a company. Making the right choices what, when and to whom to outsource is complex. And once the outsource choices have been made, it is not easy to make outsourcing a real long term success.

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Webinar: Improve visibility & optimize freight by transport management

October 24, 2019

Transportation functions are key to the success of Manufacturers’ and Brand owners’ Supply Chain. Failure in its performance leads to immediate impact to your ability to service your customers.

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Supply Chain Innovation Summit Asia Pacific

November 19, 2019 - November 20, 2019

BCI Global will be present at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit Asia Pacific in Singapore, which will be attended by supply chain professionals to discuss the frontier of trends and technology.

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