Supply chain solutions for trade tariff disputes

Trade disputes between US, China and Europe are very probably not over soon. BCI has identified and developed 12 strategies how companies can cope with importing and exporting trade tariffs around the world.

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How can locations help to cope with labor market challenges?

Availability of the right people, increasing labor costs and the need for changing skills set are key issues for many companies. Finding optimal locations for new (production, distribution, service) operations in the US, Europe and Asia is becoming more and more talent driven. But how to identify locations which are future proof from a labor market perspective?

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How to deal with (the risk of) a hard Brexit

The risk of a no deal hard Brexit is high. Even if the European Commission and the British government come to a kind of agreement, the question is whether there will be enough political support on both sides of the Channel.

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Are more robots in warehouses the right solution?

Robots in warehouses are already a reality and from a technical point of view it would be logical to assume that robots will be implemented on a large scale. But are robots also the right solution from a strategic business point of view? 

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The Future of China as a Manufacturing Base

The Chinese economy now returns to a ‘new normal’ of six percent growth per year. At the same time, the traditional position as low cost manufacturing base is eroding and other Asian location alternatives are now on the radar of C-level executives of international corporations. What is the future of China for production expansions by American, European and Asian companies?

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Buck Consultants International wins industry award for Best Supply Chain Consulting Partner in Asia

Global biopharma and medical devices companies operating in Asia have chosen the Netherlands headquartered consulting firm Buck Consultants International as best Supply Chain Consulting Partner. 

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European Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summits

November 26, 2018 - November 28, 2018

With more than 300 supply chain and manufacturing leaders in attendance, this event provides best practices and much more. During the event BCI moderates a lunch session and is available to exchange ideas.

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