UK will lose 100,000 new jobs of foreign companies in a no deal hard Brexit situation

Results from a Buck Consultants International analysis of the future attractiveness of the United Kingdom in the case that next week’s discussions in the British Parliament result in a no deal hard Brexit.

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Ensuring successful market launch of start-up and fast-growing life sciences companies

Imagine a company that has a fantastic new drug or medical device in the pipeline. Successful market launch around the world becomes life critical for this company. Based on our experience BCI Global has defined four building blocks that help companies in these situations to “guarantee” a flying start.

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Global economic and geopolitical uncertainties require manufacturing footprint review

Intensifying trade disputes (US-China, US-Europe), the Brexit, reduced economic growth expectations, but also new production technologies demand a review of your company’s global/regional manufacturing footprint. BCI Global presents 4 takeaways.

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Should we forget control towers – supply chain digitization is next!

Many multinational companies have already put in place various kinds of control towers – initially focusing on creating transactional visibility throughout the supply chain. The physical world of control towers is now meeting the world of planning in so called end-to-end control towers.

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Supply chain solutions for trade tariff disputes

Trade disputes between US, China and Europe are very probably not over soon. BCI has identified and developed 12 strategies how companies can cope with importing and exporting trade tariffs around the world.

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How can locations help to cope with labor market challenges?

Availability of the right people, increasing labor costs and the need for changing skills set are key issues for many companies. Finding optimal locations for new (production, distribution, service) operations in the US, Europe and Asia is becoming more and more talent driven. But how to identify locations which are future proof from a labor market perspective?

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Webinar: Best Manufacturing Strategies for China/Asia

January 23, 2019

With a 6% annual growth China is for many companies a very interesting market. But how to deal with US trade import tariffs and Chinese investment policies, how to cope with increasing production costs at China’s East Coast, how to develop the right manufacturing strategy?

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Webinar: Supply Chain Network Design for Asia/China

January 24, 2019

Designing your supply chain for the APAC markets is not easy given the complexity in international markets, channels, infrastructure and taxes. This webinar addresses the need to design an optimal supply chain to support Asian/Chinese international markets both from a sourcing as well as from a distribution angle.

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Webinar: Successful Support Center Strategies for China/Asia & How to find the optimal location?

January 25, 2019

Choosing the right location strategy for Support Centers is crucial for your company’s success in China/Asia. There are a few relevant factors that play a significant role when deciding how and where to locate Support Centers. BCI Global organizes a webinar on successful Support Centers for China/Asia.

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BME Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress

February 12, 2019 - February 14, 2019

The BME Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress is an important event for 300 supply chain leaders in Pharma, MedTech and Global Health. The event is a platform for peer-for-peer senior executives within supply chain management to connect and to share insights on how to improve business operations through best practices.

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