Buck Consultants International wins industry award for Best Supply Chain Consulting Partner in Asia

Global biopharma and medical devices companies operating in Asia have chosen the Netherlands headquartered consulting firm Buck Consultants International as best Supply Chain Consulting Partner. The annual industry awards are assigned to supply chain p

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The Potential Impacts of Brexit and How to Respond - White Paper published

In June 2016, the British people decided in a referendum that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. More than a year later that is one of the very few facts which is still undisputed: the UK government proceeds with this Brexit. But how a

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R&D Center Locations are Technology & Talent Driven

In order to win the R&D rat race companies adopt three supplementary strategies: higher R&D expenditures, open innovation (intensive co-operation with universities, technological institutes, start-ups) and gobalisation, driven by the availabili

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BCI Global opens offices in the Bay Area and Los Angeles

The international supply chain, location strategy and site selection firm BCI Global, also known as Buck Consultants International, opens two new offices in California. In the Bay Area (Burlingame – San Mateo) and in Los Angeles Area (Mission Vie

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BCI Global strengthens market position in Asia

BCI Global opens two new offices in Singapore and Shanghai. “From an economic point of view Asia is still the fastest growing region in the world. Not only China, but also South East Asia with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thai

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Medtech companies review global manufacturing footprint

The technologies in the medtech industry are rapidly changing, while at the same time the whole industry is globalizing at a fast pace. New emerging geographies mean for US and European companies new locational challenges and new types of risks to be a

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Edge Supply Chain Conference September 30–October 3, 2018

BCI Global will play an important role during this largest supply chain event in the world with more than 2,000 attendees.

Patrick Haex, Managing Partner Supply Chain Solutions, has been



Risks, Borders & Supply Chain October 23, 2018

René Buck, CEO BCI Global will give the key note speech at this conference on the topic: How Trade Disputes and Tariffs Change Global Supply Chains. His presentation will cover the following

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