Six tactics for shippers to weather the storm in ocean freight

Currently, there is a serious storm or even a hurricane ongoing in the ocean freight industry. Rates are at an all-time high (BCI’s monitor shows an average of factor 4, with outliers of factor 10!), capacity is limited which is strengthened by the false container positioning and port congestion due to Covid-measures and high demand is counted in weeks instead of days. The reliability of ocean freight is all time low which pushes the need for end to end visibility even further.

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Virtual, Hybrid or Going Back to the Office? How to make the strategic decision for your company’s office operations?

There is a lot of uncertainty about what the post-pandemic future of work will look like, there are quite opposing views with strong voices for “Keep working from home” versus also a plead for “Let’s go back to the office”. How are you going to make the strategic choices? Are they different for the various types of office operations you have? Which key factors have to be included in your considerations? Is more or less office space needed? And as a result; will your footprint and location strategy change?

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The Top-100 Logistics Service Providers 2021 in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a major gateway to the European market, even in these unprecedented times. Many American and Asian shippers are using the Port of Rotterdam and/or Schiphol Airport to supply European customers, and have set up European Distribution Centers in the Netherlands. Many logistics service providers in the country are offering a wide array of activities/ operations to international shippers, ranging from simple transport, handling and storage to tailor-made value added operations.

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SHINE selects Netherlands for European isotope production facility

SHINE Medical Technologies LLC has announced that it has selected the municipality of Veendam in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, as the location of its European medical isotope production facility. The decision is the culmination of a year-long search process that included the review of more than 50 proposals from sites across Europe. BCI Global supported Shine Medical in its location decision process.  

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Forbes Magazine: BCI Global among the Best Management Consulting Firms

BCI Global has made it for the third year in a row to the Forbes 2021 list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms. The prestigious business magazine Forbes released its annual listing of best management consulting firms. The economic, location and supply chain consulting firm BCI Global (Buck Consultants International) is the only specialized location consulting firm on the list and is also recommended by leading companies as one of the best supply chain management consultants.

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Logistics Real Estate Markets in Europe Not Impacted by Covid-19: 14% Growth Forecasted for 2021

European logistics real estate markets have not suffered last year from the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to fast growing e-commerce and higher inventory levels of producers the total expected take-up in 11 European countries of 23.6 mln sqm for 2020 is only 3% down compared with record year 2019. In major markets like Germany and the UK last year’s figures were certainly not bad.

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Webinar: The Rise of Supply Chain Center of Excellence Centers (COE) powered by Advanced Analytics

June 29, 2021

The pace of digitizing supply chains and the ability to mine data has increased dramatically over the last 18 months. However, only a limited number of companies have implemented a Supply Chain Center of Excellence as a pro-active response to cope with the increased dynamics in today’s environment. Those companies who have implemented Supply Chain Center of Excellences, have invested heavily in strong advanced analytical capabilities and benefit from unlocking the data to allow better decision making whereas companies that don’t have data at their fingertips are struggling more than ever before.

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Webinar: The Growing Battery Business – Where to Locate Your New Production Plant - Worldwide

July 1, 2021

Cumulative demand for batteries is expected to grow with more than 700% up to 1,700 GWh by 2030 due to the accelerated electrification in transportation and grid storage. In the wake of mega electric vehicle plant announcements of nearly all large automotive producers, your company has to decide rather quickly where to locate your new manufacturing plant(s) in the US, Europe, China and/or Asia as part of the fast growing global battery value chains.

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Webinar: Strategic Manufacturing Footprint & Supply Chain Initiatives in the Food Industry for the European market

July 8, 2021

New digital ordering channels, new supply chain requirements (safety, traceability), changing customer behavior (health awareness, convenience), new products (specialized nutrition, plant-based products), sustainability goals – it is a long list of challenges for every company in the food value chain.

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