The benefits of Lead Time Reduction in building Resilient Supply Chains has demonstrated the benefits of having stocks and surplus capacity available. Safety stocks and unused capacity in Lean Manufacturing are seen as waste, rather than a cost of doing business. Have supply chain professionals been overshooting in “leanification”?

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Transportation Monitor - Your enabler to develop and adjust freight procurement strategies

Managing freight costs is key for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals. In addition, Covid-19 crisis makes companies even more aware that creating visibility and optionality in transport and logistics is a MUST! The BCI Transportation Monitor will assist you how to manage costs and provides five strategies how to create optionality and visibility in transport and logistics during Covid19 crisis and beyond.

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Are virtual support solutions here to stay?

Next to many unpleasant economic and supply chain effects of Covid-19 in all parts of the globe, another key effect of Covid-19 is an unprecedented global work-from-home strategy impacting all office-related operations of many different international organizations.

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The Top-100 Logistics Service Providers 2020 in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a major gateway to the European market, even in these unprecedented times. For all major supply chain operations, a best-fitting logistics service provider can be found in the Netherlands. But where do you start in finding the right Dutch logistics service provider for your European distribution operations?

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Take up at European logistics markets will shrink this year with 32% till 46%

The European logistics real estate markets suffer from the impacts of Covid-19. In 9 important logistics real estate markets the take up in 2020 will be 32% less compared with 2019 if business returns to ‘normal’ as of October 1st. If the business circumstances are back to normal only as of January 1st, 2021 the total new take up will decrease with 46% compared with last year.

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Chinese Supply Chains Recover Fast, but Supply Chain Reorganisations are Necessary

Two-thirds of Chinese manufacturers, (r)etailers and logistics services providers are already on 80% or more of their capacity. Nearly 60% of the manufacturing companies mention that their upstream supply chain (i.e. supply of components, sub-assemblies) has basically returned to normal; the same applies to 47% of logistics services providers.

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Incoterms 2020 Workshop

The new Incoterms 2020 is now in effect. Is your organization aware of the latest changes in the latest release? Is your team equipped with the right knowledge to ensure that the conditions are properly applied in your purchase orders with suppliers, contracts with customers, logistics and inventory implications etc.

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Transport Management Training – Dealing with impact of Covid-19 now and in the mid-term

COVID-19 is impacting everyone worldwide and global supply chains are put under heavy pressure. This accounts for intercontinental supply chains for companies that depend on suppliers from across the globe as well as European distribution network that get disrupted due to demand drops or closed borders.

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Webinar: Developing a Risk Resilient Supply Chain

August 18, 2020

After the crisis management phase, the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic now puts your company for tough questions: what are we going to do to develop a risk resilient supply chain

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