Real Estate Strategy Development

Investing in corporate real estate requires a long-term strategic view. Whether it is the real estate portfolio of a real estate investor, or the long-term real estate portfolio strategy and location planning of a company in the industrial, logistics or services industry. It is essential to base the investment strategy on thorough and comprehensive analyses of economic trends, insights in the performance and dynamics of the real estate and capital markets, understanding of current and future end-user developments and forecasting regional dynamics.

Real estate strategy development & BCI advice

BCI advises real estate investors, developers as well as end users throughout the world on the optimal real estate strategy for offices, logistics and industrial real estate. For potential real estate investments, BCI validates the level of risk acceptance and the minimally required yield. BCI also analyses the fit with the existing real estate portfolio and the company’s overall real estate strategy. Thorough analyses of trends and the development of demand projections are keys to success. The result is a clear and fact-based recommendation on the most promising locations and buildings (offices, logistics real estate, etc.), and their match with the specific requirements of the client, leading to a successful real estate strategy and portfolio.

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