Site selection for a production plant in Asia

Anonymous, innovative food ingredients manufacturer


What is the optimal location for a new production plant in Asia?

Project summary

BCI conducted a comprehensive and independent location comparison for the new manufacturing plant of this company in Asia-Pacific.


The location selection approach of BCI has been applied fully in this project. After a kick-off phase in which the project profile (size of the investment, labor profile, real estate requirements, manufacturing technology) has been defined an initial high-level longlist analysis has been conducted. This was done at a country level including countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.
The outcome of this first assessment was the decision to focus the site selection further on China.
In the next phase, using a detailed set of cost, quality and risk factors a comparison was made of relevant regions within China.


The decision was made to develop a new production plant in the Eastern part of China.

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