Changes in your business circumstances, production technology or other external factors (trade tariffs, labor market shortages, natural disaster risks) can necessitate quick adjustments in your manufacturing location strategy.

But how do you evaluate the best location for your new production facility? And what is the optimum manufacturing footprint for your business? This webinar aims to answer these questions and more.

The following specific topics will be covered:

  • A proven location decision framework using the Cost-Quality-Risk-Matrix methodology
  • Overview of current and emerging manufacturing locations in all geographies of the world
  • How to assess regional labor markets
  • How to take maximum advantage of incentives & taxes
  • Tips & tricks based on 35 years of experience


  • 4 pm CET (Europe)
  • 3 pm GMT (UK)
  • 10 am EST (US - East coast)
  • 7 am PST (US - West coast)

Speaker: René Buck, CEO BCI Global
Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A
Costs: free of charge


Send an email with your request to attend this webinar to The audience for this webinar are executives/managers of manufacturing firms. BCI Global will match your request to participate with the intended audience of this webinar. In a confirmation email you will receive more information on the technical details.

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For more information contact René Buck, or call at +31-24-3790222.

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