Validating the control tower strategy



Validate the control tower strategy for a large industrial manufacturing company and support the outsourcing process to select multiple LLPs.

Project summary

BCI supported a large industrial manufacturer in the validation of the control tower strategy in terms of organization structure, headcount, systems and partners.

  • Mapping the end to end supply chain for the industrial company both from a finished goods as well as a spare parts perspective
  • Mapping the current control towers outsourced to a LLP on BCI’s Control Tower Maturity Grid
  • Identification of any gaps and improvement areas
  • Validation of the future control tower strategy already defined by the Client
  • Validation of the long list of LLPs as the Client already executed a Request for Information
  • Data collection and finetuning of the future control tower set up
  • Development of a Request for Proposal (RFP) strategy (scope, geo, functions, IT, etc.)
  • Execution of the RFP process
  • LLP due diligence
  • Selection of 2 LLPs to run the global control towers for finished goods and spare parts
  • Contracting support
  • Implementation support

Validated control tower strategy for all geo’s and for both finished goods as well as spare parts. Thorough selection process. Selected and contracted 2 LLPs to execute the control tower for the Client.

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