For many companies transportation of goods is the highest operational supply chain expense. It is not uncommon that transportation costs represent 50% or more of the supply chain spending. Despite transportation rates being volatile, the all-time low prices over the last years will not be the standard for the future. For example the annual gross rate increase (GRI) from 2018 to 2019 in European road freight was 6%.

'How to manage and keep control over the transportation capacity and costs?' is a topic on the radar of many logistics, supply chain and finance professionals! There are transport monitors on the market which have a rear view mirror but lack predictive insights towards the future.

The BCI Transportation Monitor (BCI TM) will provide market intelligence about both insights into historical as well as expected future freight rate developments European road freight and global air and sea freight. The BCI Transportation Monitor will enable supply chain and procurement professionals to develop and adjust their procurement strategy and tactics. BCI TM assists transportation, logistics and supply chain professionals to determine their transportation strategies and tactics. Each addition of the BCI TM is completed with an interesting article about a hot topic in logistics and supply chain.

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