The Site Selectors Guild is the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. The Guild has allowed 58 seasoned professionals from US, Asia and Europe to become member of the Guild.

About 350 economic development organizations of cities, regions, States and countries will visit the conference in Texas.

BCI Global has two Guild members: Jim Renzas, Senior Director North America and René Buck, CEO.

During the conference Jim Renzas will talk about the best support economic development agencies can offer to location seeking companies. René Buck will present his views on how North America cities, regions, counties and States can benefit from the growing investments of European companies into the US, including the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act.

More information about the event: Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference 2023

Contact info Jim Renzas, Senior Director North America - E:  M: +1 949 3314 330

Contact info René Buck, CEO - E:  P: +31 24 379 0222

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