Marcel Michon

Managing partner

Kerkenbos 10-31
6501 BL Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Marcel Michon has built up a broad experience in consulting with a range of different clients within the fields of Economic planning, Freight Management policy, Urban Distribution Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems and Agro Logistics. Marcel Michon was involved in projects concerning Co-operation, efficiency and intermodal transport between transport haulage companies and shippers. Setting up an organization for pre- and end haulage was one of the other Co-operation projects that have been carried out by Marcel Michon. Besides, he advised many regions in developing Strategic plans as well as operating projects for intermodal transport (amongst others in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Bremen and Hamburg, Kanaalzone Gent-Terneuzen, Delfzijl, China, Russia). He was also involved in projects with regard to the development of logistics concepts such as Central European Distribution and Value Added Logistics. Marcel’s field of expertise are Economy and Innovation programs, Business sites, Infrastructure projects, and Economic and Financial analyses.