Business Worldwide states the following in a press release. The founder and CEO of BCI Global has been named “Best CEO in the Management Consulting Industry” in the 2019 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.

The Business Worldwide CEO Awards, which distributes to over 62,240 individuals and businesses quarterly, identify the most respected C-level executives around the world, across a variety of sectors. Unlike many awards that focus on the successes of companies, the programme celebrates the CEOs, Managing Directors and senior-level managers that lead them. By giving these inspirational leaders the recognition they deserve, the awards encourage others to achieve similar successes.

Netherlands based BCI Global is a highly regarded consultancy dedicated to supporting corporations with manufacturing footprint optimization, supply chain design and location search support. Its diverse range of services encompass multiple industry sectors including ICT, automotive, pharmaceuticals & medical technology, food and beverage, fashion, business services and logistics. The company has high profile clients all over the world, including Agco, Allen & Overy, Amgen, Cisco, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, Lely, Medtronic, Pfizer, Samsung, Unilever and UPS — all ably supported through offices and teams throughout Europe (the Netherlands, London, Frankfurt), Asia (Singapore, Shanghai) and the United States (Atlanta, Bay Area, Los Angeles).

René Buck and his international team focus on empowering companies to make informed decisions in an uncertain world, responding to global challenges like markets shifting towards Asia, labour market shortages in certain regions, Brexit and trade wars. By working together to understand uncertainty, BCI and its clients identify the potential risks and opportunities around different scenarios, creating tailor made solutions covering everything from supply chain solutions and staffing needs to tariffs, regulations and incentives/taxes. Earlier in 2019 BCI Global was hailed by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Best Consulting firms.

Mr Buck has an impressive career history which began with academic degrees in Economic Geography and Urban Planning gained at the Netherlands’ University of Nijmegen. Since founding BCI Global in 1985 he has gained a worldwide reputation as an energetic, trusted and independent adviser with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

He told Business Worldwide Magazine’s reporter, “BCI Global is proud to be seen by its clients as a consulting firm which gives ready-to-implement advice. Our ambition is to continue to collaborate with and support companies worldwide in their strategic, tactical and operational decisions, offering independent, unbiased advice based on thorough understanding of on the one hand individual sectors and market developments and on the other hand the strategy of our client companies”.

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