Berry Roelofs

Senior Consultant

Kerkenbos 10-31
6501 BL Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Berry Roelofs graduated in Economical Geography at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, with a focus on the economic potential of regions, spatial planning and business administration. After his graduation he worked amongst others at a university, Chamber of Commerce, development organization (account manager India) and consultancy firm focused on sustainable development.

Within BCI Global Berry has specialized on regional innovation promotion, at strategic level through cluster and sector analyses, development of regional innovation strategies, and optimizing innovation-ecosystems and investment climates. In addition, he has much experience at operational level with project development and business planning in collaboration with companies and knowledge organizations.

Berry is an expert in evaluating projects, programs and organizations, in issues regarding economic development of regions, innovation strategies and business generation, optimizing the business climate, labor market development, vocational education and training, social cohesion and sustainable development.