European road transport rates for parcels & pallets continue to increase with 5 to 10+%. Ocean rates are still going south, while Airfreight rates remain extremely volatile. Cargo owners shall maintain different procurement strategies for securing competitive pricing. 

In addition the European Commission adopted new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives (CSRD), meaning that Cargo Owners need to report and reduce Carbon Emission of Scope 3 activities that include (outsourced) transportation and logistics.

Future transportation rates projections and freight procurement strategies

The ‘BCI Transportation Monitor November 2022’ provides a comprehensive overview from the past and expected future development of transportation rates in 2023. Details are available for the 4 modalities airfreight, ocean freight, European road freight and parcel/express freight. Aggregated figures and (key) lane level details are available as well as impacts and recommendation for recommended freight procurement strategies are included in the monitor.

transport monitor nov 2022

Twenty measures on four levels to reduce Carbon Emission of Transportation

The newly adopted EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive forces cargo owners to start measuring, reporting and showing results of reducing cargo emissions from 2024 onwards. The BCI transportation monitor includes 20 measures on operational, tactical and strategic level how companies can act. Companies shall use the year 2023 to get prepared!

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