MENASA, the geographic coalition of Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, is one of the booming economic region in the world. Double digit economic growth, growing middle classes with an increased demand for goods. And as a gateway to all these promises: Dubai.

The MENASA-region including India comprises of more than 20 countries with 2.2 Billion inhabitants. From a logistics perspective Dubai offers via seaport and airport gateways great regional connectivity resulting in lower costs and better service.

The Management Board of the new airport DWC Al Maktoum asked Buck Consultants International to develop a strategic vision and a logistics cluster plan “We have detailed the value proposition for 6 industry segments: Fashion retail; life sciences; perishables; IT & telecom; oil & gas; spare parts”, says Carlo Peters, project leader for this assignment. Key enablers for growing the logistics cluster is increasing demand for high value logistics and related services. With detailed roadmaps, action plans and databases with companies to target, Buck Consultants International assisted DWC.

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