Agenda items

Supply Chain Innovation Summit Asia Pacific

November 19, 2019 - November 20, 2019 Singapore

BCI Global will be present at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit Asia Pacific in Singapore, which will be attended by supply chain professionals to discuss the frontier of trends and technology.

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Forum | LogisticsReal estate and land.NRW

November 26, 2019 Neuss

BCI Global will give a presentation on the state of affairs in Dutch real estate logistics at the LogisticsReal estate and land.NRW Forum in Germany. At this Forum, several e Experts will give their views on the effective and sustainable set up and use of logistics real estate and area. The main theme of the Forum event is ‘Innovation in real estate logistics’.

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Webinar: Transportation Monitor

November 27, 2019 .

How to manage and keep control over the transportation capacity and costs? is a topic on the radar of many logistics, supply chain and finance professionals! There are transport monitors on the market which have a rear view mirror but lack predictive insights towards the future.

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Webinar: Future Proof Manufacturing Strategies for China/Asia

November 29, 2019 .

With an expected 6% annual growth China is still for many companies a very interesting market. But how to deal with US trade import tariffs and Chinese investment policies, how to cope with increasing production costs at China’s East Coast and how to develop the right manufacturing strategy? And why and where setting up a new plant in South East Asia as many companies do now already?

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