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Webinar: The value add of Supply Chain Center of Excellence Centers (COE) powered by Advanced Analytics

June 26, 2019 .

Many companies are discussing Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Supply Chain Digitization and other mega trends. However, only a limited number of companies have implemented a Supply Chain Center of Excellence as a pro-active response to cope with the increased dynamics in today’s world. Those companies who have implemented Supply Chain Center of Excellences, have invested heavily in strong advanced analytical capabilities.

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Webinar: Transportation Monitor - Your enabler to develop and adjust freight procurement strategies

June 27, 2019 .

For many companies transportation of goods is the highest operational supply chain expense. It is not uncommon that transportation costs represent 50% or more of the supply chain spend. Despite transportation rates being volatile, the all-time low prices over the last years will not be the standard for the future. For example the annual gross rate increase (GRI) from 2018 to 2019 in European road freight was 6%.

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