Growth of Mega Distribution Centers accelerates in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium – efficiency and e-commerce are main drivers

In the period 2013-20191) 424 Mega Distribution Centers (each more than 40,000 sqm floor space) have been established or announced in the logistics heart of Europe. The majority of them were built in Germany (285; 67%), followed by the Netherlands (98; 23%) and Belgium (41; 10%). Altogether these 424 XXL warehouses have 28.9 mln sqm floorspace.

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De-risking your supply chain and incorporating resilience

As the traditional supply chain risk approaches fail, the key question is how to incorporate risk resilience in your supply chain. BCI has developed a Resilience Framework to assess risks and to make explicit trade-offs in terms of risk management, resilience and investments.

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Need for visibility and control – are you in the dark?

Covid-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of global complex supply chains. Many companies are faced with a lack of end-to-end visibility. Do you stay in the dark or develop a control tower?

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Decentralization of production: is re-shoring a realistic option?

Decentralization of production, also known as re-shoring from China/Asia back to North America or Europe, is at the top of the agenda in many corporate boardrooms. What are the advantages and disadvantages of various manufacturing strategies and how does a real life reshoring business case look like?

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Working in the office or at home – what is your new corporate strategy?

Due to covid-19 driven lockdowns and social distancing measures, an unprecedented work-from-home strategy is impacting all office-related operations around the world. You can read quotes of CEO’s saying their employees can now forever work from home, but on the other hand a lot of employers fear less creativity and lower productivity levels of teams when they only meet online. What is your new strategy?

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Future proof Asia production strategy: China + 1-2-3 in Asean?

Covid-19 made the dependency on manufacturing and sourcing in China visible, leading to vulnerable, interrupted supply chains. Combined with increasing production costs (particularly in China’s East Coast provinces) and the trade and geopolitical tensions between the US and China (and to be expected between Europe and China) Western companies are looking for alternative production locations in South East Asia.

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