BCI Global’s new US States Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, shows a ranking for Industrial Manufacturing Competitiveness based on comprehensive cost, quality of the business environment and risk analyses for an illustrative case. Here are the top 24 States, with 8 leading States and 16 in the sub-top.

US States Manufacturing Competitiveness Index

The analysis is based on the following assumptions:

  • Labor intensive industrial manufacturing plant with 350 people
  • Cost factors (60%): labor costs; real estate costs; utility costs
  • Quality of the business environment factors (30%): labor availability; education; labor regulations; industrial ecosystems; accessibility & infrastructure; business climate; tax climate
  • Risk factors (10%): earthquake risk; tornado/hurricane risk; fire risk; flood risk

The US States leading for this project are Georgia, Florida, Utah, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Michigan.

US States Competitiveness Index – 2020

US States Competitiveness Index – 2020

Source: BCI Global, 2020


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