All over Europe the growth can be seen of mega distribution centers (> 40,000 sqm) of manufacturers, (r)etailers and logistics services providers. XXL warehouses increase efficiency and are also able to offer the space for the fulfilment of on-line sales as more stock has to be held and ample room for handling of returns is necessary.

But in a growing number of European countries there is also resistance against these mega warehouses due to their size, height, visual intrusion of the landscape. And are these big boxes still necessary if e-commerce soars to such levels that multiple mid-size regional dc’s could take over the role of the supersize warehouses?

Discussion topics:

  • Future development of Mega DCs in Europe and favorite countries/regions
  • Big boxes and/or city hubs in e-commerce supply chains
  • Sustainability of large warehouses
  • How to shape the optimal spatial conditions for establishment of XXL warehouses in logistics hotspots regions?

BCI in cooperation with advisory firm Bulwiengesa analyzed the growth of mega dc’s in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Kees Verweij, partner at BCI, presents the results of this new study, followed by a panel discussion with 3 key players in Europe:

  • Ben Bannatyne, President Prologis Europe
  • Jan Dietrich Hempel, Board Director Garbe Industrial Real Estate
  • Nick Preston, Fund Manager Tritax Eurobox


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