The pace of digitizing supply chains and the ability to mine data has increased dramatically over the last 18 months. However, only a limited number of companies have implemented a Supply Chain Center of Excellence as a pro-active response to cope with the increased dynamics in today’s environment. Those companies who have implemented Supply Chain Center of Excellences, have invested heavily in strong advanced analytical capabilities and benefit from unlocking the data to allow better decision making whereas companies that don’t have data at their fingertips are struggling more than ever before.

Topics that will be addressed during the webinar:

  • What is the added value of a Supply Chain Center of Excellence (COE)?
  • What are required analytical capabilities, related tools and skills?
  • What are Staffing models for a potential COE?
  • How to unlock the data to build a data repository for repetitive pro-active analysis?
  • The Tenneco journey in developing and deploying a COEs across the globe

In this webinar recognized experts including Patrick Haex, Managing Partner and Michiel Thobokholt, Consultant will address the rise of supply chain center of excellence, unlocking data across the organization, application of advanced analytics, the potential value add and share several case studies based upon BCI’s experiences.

Ryan Mascarenhas, Executive Director at Tenneco will share his journey and lessons learned on setting up and leading a global Center of Excellence within Tenneco. Ryan will discuss the development and deployment of supply chain competencies including AI/ML based digital solutions for cost and footprint optimization, value creation and innovation to the business itself.


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