The C- level agenda of many companies includes dealing with trade tensions, responding to the market growth in China/Asia and building a resilient supply chain including regionalization of production/footprint optimization. Key to success is to detail out the right strategy and execute this plan accordingly.

To support you in developing and implementing new strategic initiatives, BCI Global invites you for a one-hour (free of charge) webinar. This webinar provides concrete roadmaps, methodologies and real-life business cases.

Topics which will be addressed:

  • How will the new RCEP Asia trade partnership impact your Asia strategy?
  • How to de-risk your China/Asia supply chain and incorporate resilience?
  • What is the best approach for supply chain/manufacturing footprint optimization on an APAC level? How to use a scenario approach? Which proven methodologies/tools can be used?
  • Is decentralizing production a realistic option for your company? How to accommodate a China + N footprint in Asia? How does a business case look like?
  • Is decentralization of your distribution network feasible? And if so, for which products-market-channels?
  • How to create visibility in complex global value chains by means of implementing a control tower to create end-to-end visibility?
  • How to select the optimal location for a new manufacturing plant or distribution center in Asia?

Speakers: Pieter de Wit, Partner and René Buck, CEO of BCI Global


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