After the crisis management phase the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic now puts your company for tough challenges: what are we going to do to build a risk resilient supply chain in Asia?

Topics which will be addressed:

  • How to de-risk your supply chain and incorporate resilience?
  • What is the best approach for supply chain/manufacturing footprint optimization on an APAC level? How to use a scenario approach? Which proven methodologies/tools can be used?
  • Is decentralizing production a realistic option for your company? How to accommodate a China + N footprint in Asia? How does a business case look like?
  • Is decentralization of your distribution network feasible? And if so for which products-market-channels?
  • How to create visibility in complex global value chains by means of implementing a control tower to create end-to-end visibility?
  • How to select the optimal location for a new manufacturing plant or distribution center in Asia?


  • Sui Leng Khoo, VP APAC
  • Martin Gouda, Partner
  • René Buck, CEO

Costs: free of charge


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