Labor market tightness levels increase all over North America. The availability, skills sets and costs of the job functions you need are today important in every location decision. How can you assess and compare the suitability of regional labor markets if you consider establishing or consolidating new manufacturing or distribution operations?

Do you recognize one or more of the following challenges:

  • How can we identify ‘under the radar’ locations with enough potential to grow? Are there out-of-the-box location alternatives with less HR headaches: Mexico? LATAM?
  • How can we forecast labor cost increases in the next 5 years to compare the business cases in our 4 final candidate locations?
  • How to trade-off ‘a small fish in a big pond’ versus ‘a big fish in a small pond’?
  • Which offering do we have to make to become a preferred employer?
  • What recruitment and training support can we negotiate from economic development organizations?

Learn about BCI Global’s brand new IDEAL-method: In-Depth Assessment of Labor Markets with 4 dimensions: supply on the labor market; demand for workers; labor regulations & support by authorities; employer branding & salary package offerings.


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