The US economy is recovering fast, meaning that the largest market in de world is more open than ever before for new manufacturing operations. But how to build a future proof manufacturing footprint and a resilient supply chain? Where to find the optimal new production location in the US, Mexico or Canada? Or at which existing location to expand?

To support you in developing and implementing new strategic initiatives, BCI Global invites you for a one-hour (free of charge) webinar. This webinar provides concrete roadmaps, methodologies and real-life business cases.

Topics which will be addressed:

  • What are the most important trends in location factors in the US and Mexico for production plants? What about labor costs, tax rates, workforce availability, logistics?
  • What is the best approach for manufacturing footprint optimization on a North American level? How to use a scenario approach? Which proven methodologies/tools can be used?
  • How is the labor market pressure impacting footprint and location decisions?
  • How to make the right location decision for a new (or consolidated) production location in the US/Mexico/Canada taking all cost factors, quality of the business environment factors and risk factors into account?
  • Opportunities and pitfalls of economic incentives when setting up a new plant in the US?

Speakers: Johan Beukema, Partner; Mathijs Pronk, Principal Consultant; René Buck, CEO of BCI Global


Send an email with your request to attend this webinar to The audience for this webinar are executives/managers of mainly manufacturing firms. BCI will match your request to participate with the intended audience of this webinar. In a confirmation email you will receive more information on the technical details.

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For more information contact Johan Beukema, or call at +31-24-3790222.


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