Increasing labor costs, difficulties to find the right workforce, high turnover rates…..Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe, has become a challenging environment to run and expand existing operations and to establish new operations.

Questions which will be addressed during the webinar:

  • What is the current labor market situation in the various European countries and regions and what are the labor market forecasts?
  • How to assess regional labor pools?
  • How to find locations with the right balance between availability of the right skills and labor costs?
  • What are the best manufacturing strategies for Europe?
  • Opportunities in non-EU countries, like the Balkan (e.g. Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia) and North Africa (for example Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia).

Speakers: René Buck, CEO and Johan Beukema, Managing Partner BCI Global
Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A
Costs: free of charge

Send an email with your request to attend this webinar to The audience for this webinar are executives/managers of manufacturing and logistics firms. BCI Global will match your request to participate with the intended audience of this webinar. In a confirmation email you will receive more information on the technical details.

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