Events stressing the vulnerabilities of complex global supply chains (like COVID and blocking of the Suez channel) seem to follow each other more and more quickly. Causing costs on all transport modes going and pushing service levels at the lowest levels since decades.

Although previous BCI Global surveys indicated that the current disruptions had accelerated the urgency and need for control towers at more than 70% of the respondents clearly, many companies still lack the visibility and control mechanisms are needed to whether the storm. Digitization of supply chains is still an important topic to pursue for many companies.

The webinar will address and answer questions like:

  • How to take it beyond visibility and get in control?
  • What should be the primary focus of visibility across the value chain?
  • What value can control towers bring? How to turn this into tangible aspects for senior leaders?
  • Data; how to create one Source of the Truth including a Data Lake?
  • How can Control Tower operations support risk mitigation and building resilience into your supply chain?
  • Need for integration of visibility in the end to end supply chain with of supply, inventory and demand planning?
  • How to implement such end to end visibility – Where to start?
  • How does best in class look like?
  • Transformation – how to start, pilot, scale up and implement across your company?

Speakers: Patrick Haex, Managing Partner and Robert Wieggers, Senior Consultant of BCI Global


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