For current as well as new operations attractive financial packages are an important success factor. Incentives and tax exemptions can substantially reduce investment costs and annual operating costs. 

Questions which will be addressed during the webinar:

  • For what type of projects are what kind of incentives available?
  • How do practices in Europe differ from the US and Asia?
  • How to organize a straightforward incentive process, with internal alignment, but also good interactions with pertinent authorities?
  • Economic Impact Assessments: why, what and how?
  • What are hurdles to overcome?
  • Tips based on 34 years of experience.

Speakers: René Buck, CEO and Johan Beukema, Managing Partner BCI Global
Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A
Costs: free of charge

Send an email with your request to attend this webinar to The audience for this webinar are executives/managers of manufacturing and logistics firms. BCI Global will match your request to participate with the intended audience of this webinar. In a confirmation email you will receive more information on the technical details.

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