Targeting the logistics sector for new investments in Belgian Limburg

Locate in Limburg


What is the best marketing approach for targeting logistics companies and large manufacturers to set up shop in the Limburg region?

Project summary

Locate in Limburg is a regional development organization focused on attracting foreign investments. One of their main targets is logistics. Within the logistics sector several target groups are relevant: dedicated logistics companies (3PL’s), but also manufacturing companies that are looking for a warehouse to deliver to European stores or end consumers (e-Commerce).


Phase 1 - Detailing the marketing approach
Phase 2 - Developing a Value Proposition i.e. zooming in on the specific capabilities the region has to offer in relation to the specific needs of target group companies
Phase 3 - Preparing databases of companies that – given their phase of development and forecasted growth path - are expected to invest in a new warehouse location


A detailed marketing approach for selected target groups, a value proposition that is a strong marketing tool for targeting companies, and a database of relevant companies to approach.

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