Supply Chain Center of Excellence (CoE) Implementation



Support the client in developing an analytical Center of Excellence, train the COE team members and identify, lead, conduct and implement supply chain analytical projects within the COE.

Project summary

BCI supported a large multinational client that wanted to implement a Center of Excellence for supply chain analytics. BCI supported the set-up of the COE, trained the staff in analytical tools and led many supply chain analytical engagements as part of the COE.

  • Development of analytical pilots to demonstrate value add
  • Development of an annual budgeting process and data repository that is refreshed every year
  • On the job training and coaching of analytical team members within the COE
  • Identification of potential projects and proof of concept development for these projects
  • Execution of the supply chain analytics, ranging from cost to serve, network optimization, inventory and demand planning, long term manufacturing footprint review, post M&A and product swapping to name a few. In the last 5 years, BCI conducted more than 100 analytical engagements with this Client
  • Professionalizing the COE to the next level
  • Business case development
  • Implementation support

Five years support to the client in the set-up, ramp up and professionalization of the COE. Over 100 projects have been executed within this COE demonstrating large savings. Due to BCI’s support the COE has a strong foundation and good reputation within the company.

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