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As there now is real light at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic tunnel, for many companies the key question is: what strategic supply chain and manufacturing footprint initiatives to take in order to prepare ourselves for the future and how to implement them?

strategic supply chain and manufacturing footprint

BCI Global has defined key strategic initiatives for supply chain and manufacturing leaders in Medtech; High Tech; Pharma; and Industrial Machinery & Equipment companies. The initiatives address the key elements of BCI’s Supply Chain Resilience Framework: Organization; Footprint; and Technology & Infrastructure.

Key elements of BCI’s Resilience Framework

Key elements BCI’s Resilience Framework

Key initiatives for different industry verticals

Key initiatives for different industry verticals

Rene Buck, CEO of BCI Global: “Although all industries have their own characteristics and challenges, a number of strategic initiatives are valid in all industry sectors: For example, optimization/decentralization of manufacturing and distribution, end to end visibility as well as the facilitation of new business models and customer (patient) centricity.”

Other initiatives are really specific for a specific industry, such as innovation in demand management and hybrid fulfillment model development in high tech companies.

In Spring 2021 BCI Global held webinars for audiences in these four sectors of industry where these strategic initiatives were presented and where global leaders from companies in these sectors shared their views on the strategic direction of their company for the coming years.

The initiatives as well as the view of the speakers who contributed to the webinars have been detailed out in four industry-specific webinars.

Edwin de Boer, Vice President Supply Chain Transformation – Cisco

“We've been driving risk management practices within our supply chain all the way back to the early 2000s and that has been a proven track record on our ability to be able to collect information around business continuity plans, crisis management and visibility into our supply chains. When you think about all the different disruptions over the last 20 years that we've had to deal with, whether it be hurricanes, volcanoes, supply shortages, trade barriers, that Cisco has definitely learned and be able to apply from the experience that we've gained. This pandemic is way more impactful than an individual isolated risk event and that's where your risk management processes will help you, your resiliency framework. It is also the way in which you think about not only what am I going to be doing, but also the culture of the company: how quickly, how agile, are we able to react to these kinds of environments.” 


Sikko Zoer, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Distribution and Logistics - Medtronic 

As an industry we are really patient-centric and basically the task for our Supply Chain team is to make the product available at any time, at any place, whatever it takes. Over the last few months, much more appreciation for SC has been gained, being more than this hygiene effect. When I look at the C- level also our CEO is now actively talking about supply chains and the value that a well-organized supply chain can provide, also strategically. This attention is really good news, but also some pressure being in the spotlights. I think we can really start positioning SC within our organizations and give it a more predominant position, and in a better way than it was before.


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