“In the boardroom discussions on globalization risk assessments are underestimated. The discussion about onshore, nearshore or offshore locations is too much focused on costs and supply chain issues. But a full assessment of all types of risks has to be incorporated in the discussion as well”, says René Buck, CEO of Buck Consultants International.

Buck Consultants International developed a Risk Assessment Method of countries, regions and locations around the world in which 22 different risks are identified, grouped into six larger categories

  • Political risks such as government stability/democracy, political conflicts, religious & ethnic tensions.
  • Economic risks, including the development of the economy, inflation forecasts and balance of government budgets.
  • Financial risks are a.o. exchange rate (stability), foreign debts and financial ratings.
  • Transparency risks consist for example of corruption, bureaucracy and bribery of public officials.
  • Legal risks refer to permits, red tape and patent infringements.
  • Last but not least, natural disaster risks such as climatic and hydrological catastrophes or meteorological and geophysical events.

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René Buck is very pleased with the huge interest of the international business community in BCI’s Risk Assessment Reports. “C-level executives recognize the danger of a too Western-orientated approach. A full risk assessment of potential investment locations is a very valuable and realistic contribution to a company’s global footprint decision process”.

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