Post-merger supply chain integration in the medical devices sector



Support after the merger between two companies in the healthcare industry (global scope).

Project summary

BCI was hired as a project leader to conduct two tasks:

  • Manage and support the supply chain integration of the two companies at multiple production locations, including the setup of shared services, the export of pharmaceutical products from multiple sites via a 3PL, the integration of both order management processes, and the implementation of a hybrid distribution model encompassing both direct ship flows and a 2-echelon supply chain structure
  • PMO support and coaching of client’s employees to take over project management roles

BCI conducted business analyses and stakeholder interviews to understand the starting position. After establishing an action plan to realize the goals, employees were engaged to participate in multiple project management tasks by experienced BCI interim managers. They learned to manage scope and expectations, think several steps ahead, identify risks and opportunities, plan reviews and quality checks, monitor deliverables, document decisions and validate assumptions. Specifically, they learned to use PMO tools like communication plans, timelines, business cases, status reports, action logs, storyboards and roadmaps while BCI’s interim managers safeguarded that the end-goals were reached.


Within one year the new supply chain structure of the integrated business was set-up, a new document structure was realized, a hybrid distribution model was implemented and the total landed costs were lowered. Within several weeks after starting the project, employees of our client could execute project management tasks, and reach intermediate goals.

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