Do you recognize one or more of the following questions: Does our supply chain provides the right service to our customer? What is the performance of our supply chain? How to reduce cost in the supply chain? The new BCI Supply Chain Assessment Tool (SCAT) can give you the answers.

“The focus of SCAT is to rapidly identify opportunities to optimize supply chains and develop a road map for 2-4 years ahead, based on an efficient and effective standardized methodology”, says Carlo Peters, senior consultant at Buck Consultants International.

The review starts with a pragmatic way of assessing the current state of a company’s supply chain via (limited) data analysis, process analysis and interviews. Using benchmarking data a supply chain score card is created which shows the gaps to improve. Peters: “We size and prioritize the improvement opportunities and create a road map for the next years to come”.

The SCAT tool is a great success because it is fast, furious and tailor made but also because different functions within a company can benefit from it

  • Supply Chain VP/Director/Manager - how to develop a strategic action plan?
  • Marketing & Sales - how can the supply chain help to facilitate new business and growth?
  • Customer service VP/Director - how can the supply chain contribute to the visibility and service to your customers?
  • CFO/Controller - how to reduce cost in the supply chain?

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