Logistics value proposition for the North Brabant region in The Netherlands

Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij


Development of targeted value propositions, differentiating North Brabant as a top quality logistics hotspot towards shippers and logistics providers.

Project summary

North Brabant is already for many years a top logistics region in Europe where many shippers and logistics providers have located their (international) distribution centers. However, there is still strong competition from other regions in The Netherlands as well as in surrounding countries like Belgium, Germany and France. The development agency of the North Brabant region was in need of strong value propositions in presentation format to justify and market its leading position further towards the relevant target groups.


BCI developed a 5-step marketing message for North Brabant. In summary: strong assets - with a mature supply chain ecosystem – at competitive cost – result in smooth operations – and a proven track record.

The elements of the marketing message have been backed up by internationally comparable data and strong examples from the practice in Noord-Brabant. Additionally, five industry-specific logistics propositions have been developed for fashion, high tech, pharma, medtech and e-commerce. These propositions also contained detailed background material regarding these segments to support the marketing team of the development agency in the preparation of concrete actions and setting up meetings with potential investment candidates.


Strong and fact-based value propositions for logistics in Noord-Brabant, including the detailing of 5 sector-specific value propositions.

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