Investment feasibility analysis of a logistics site

Leading Logistics Real Estate Developer (confidential)


Determine the opportunity and feasibility of investing in a specific new logistics site in The Netherlands.

Project summary

BCI client is a leading international logistics real estate developer. The company has identified a potential opportunity to obtain a significant plot on a newly developed logistics park in The Netherlands. The company asked BCI to assess the market potential of the location as well as the specific plot.


BCI first analyzed for which types of logistics operations the specific site would be a candidate location and then also matched the requirements of these specific target segments (including large-scale FMCG warehouses) with the specific characteristics of the plot that our client was considering to invest in.
BCI also made an analysis of competing sites in the near vicinity as well as in a broader geographical area in order to determine the competitive position of the targeted site from the perspectives of various types of end users, risks as well as pricing levels.
Finally, BCI conducted a detailed review of the specific plot on the logistics park to determine the pros and cons from an end user perspective (shape, space, permitting, expansion possibilities, accessibility, etc.).


A clear advice to the logistics real estate developer on the opportunity and feasibility of investing in the specific plot as input for the client’s investment decision process.

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