Go to market plan for a market entry strategy facilitating a growth of 15%



Shape the go to market strategy to cater for 15% growth.

Project summary

BCI assessed the market potential of various emerging markets from a market entry and route to market perspective and prioritized the alternative scenarios. Subsequently, the recommended go to market strategy and related business case was presented.

  • First, for each identified market (Russia, CIS states, United Arabic Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana), the current and anticipated future market potential and key distribution channels were determined in cooperation with the client
  • To map the perspective of the different stakeholders several interviews were conducted Among others, the full regional leadership team was interviewed 
  • Thereafter the external perspective was mapped by interviewing current and potential clients. Based on the different information sources the current go to market model was summarized. The financial, lead time, and roles and responsibility perspectives were included during this exercise. Competitors with similar characteristics were analyzed to obtain a clear perspective on the industry
  • Based on these analyses go to market scenarios were determined whereby financial and risk elements as well as the impact on the sales organization, account management, and related operational and back office investments were considered. The financial aspects were analyzed by calculating the potential revenue and cost increases
  • As the analyses showed different fiscal advantages, the potential of a bonded operation was investigated
  • During the last step the potential of acquiring current distributors has been evaluated while regulatory requirements related to customs and IT were taken into account
  • Finally, the recommended go to market strategy and business case were presented to the board

The client has been able to grow the business three times in a short time window by changing the go to market strategy in various countries. In some specific markets, the client has decided to continue the current go to market model as the potential benefits did not outweigh the risks.

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