The renowned international business magazine Forbes Magazine has announced that the economic, logistics, and real estate advisory firm Buck Consultants International/BCI Global is among the best management consulting firms in the world.

Forbes has compiled a list for the second time of the best consulting firms that operate in at least three regions of the world. The basis for the overview of a total of 230 consulting firms is formed by assessments from international companies and fellow consulting firms. BCI was already on this list last year, for the first time published.

The Management Team of BCI Global is delighted and proud: "Such recognition is truly fantastic and a great compliment to all our employees in the Netherlands, Europe, the United States, and Asia. We are immensely grateful to our clients because they appreciate the quality of our research and advice to the extent that they recommend us to other companies and organizations", said CEO René Buck.

Supported by the marketing research firm Statista, Forbes compiles an annual list based on thousands of interviews with executives from international companies and management consulting firms.

BCI Global is headquartered in the Netherlands (Nijmegen and The Hague) and has also offices in the United States (Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas), Asia (Shanghai, Singapore), and Europe (London, Frankfurt).

More information: René Buck, CEO

Email:        Cell: +31653372612

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