European location selection for a new distribution center

Anonymous, a leading bicycle manufacturer


What is the optimal location for a new distribution center in Europe?

Project summary

BCI conducted a fact-based and unbiased assessment of several candidate locations in Southern Europe for a new warehouse for this company.


BCI proven methodology for location selection was applied. After a kick-off phase in which the project profile (size of the investment, labor profile, real estate requirements, etc.) was defined an initial high-level longlist analysis has been conducted to identify the relevant regions for a deeper analysis in the next phase.
The outcome of this first assessment was the decision to focus the site selection further on specific locations in the Southern part of France and Northern Italy. Using a detailed set of cost, quality and risk factors in the next phase a comparison was made of selected locations in this search area.
Based on the analysis the top-3 locations were visited together with the client team and a decision was made.


Realization of a new warehouse in the Lyon area in France.

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