Every supply chain or transportation manager has 4 key objectives: lowering transportation cost, improving service to (internal) customers, improving visibility and improving (financial) control. Buck Consultants International has identified 8 transport improvement initiatives, which address these objectives.

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Source: BCI

Carlo Peters, senior consultant at Buck Consultants International, advises companies on transportation management challenges. “As the review shows, there is more than just price negotiations with forwarders. Let me highlight just a couple of opportunities. In developing an efficient foot print of warehouses we see often cost reductions of 10-20%. The same level of cost reduction is possible through an optimized carrier network and smart tendering, that is taking advantage of the transportation data needed for tendering, by using it at the same time for flow and load optimization. We see that strong IT systems are needed for planning, visibility, settlement and KPIs. Such systems can also support automated freight auditing and payment. Subsequently the available data in systems can be used for strategic and tactical optimization initiatives”.

In co-operation with Control Pay, Buck Consultants International regularly organizes Smart Transportation Management Webinars. If you are interested to participate in the next one, please contact Carlo Peters.


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