Economic vision on development of prime office area

Municipality of Amsterdam


Development of an economic vision on the further development of the South-Axis area in Amsterdam

Project summary

Develop an vison for the area.


A top location (‘Triple A’) for real estate is not only determined by its size. There are more factors driving a location to be a top hotspot than just the available square meters of office space. The perspectives of the end user, its office employees, the real estate developer and investor and the city authorities can significantly differ from each other.

BCI has assessed these different perspectives for the South-Axis area as well as for important competing locations abroad. This has led to a clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the South-Axis area. The strengths and weaknesses were determined by mapping relevant trends and developments and assessing their impact on the South-Axis area.

Specific recommendations have been defined for the further growth of the area as a prime office location. Also, promising company clusters have been identified, the size of companies in the target segments has been determined (with specific attention for start-ups) and the availability of talent and the accessibility of the location (and measures to improve both) were taken into account as well.


A vision, supported by all stakeholders, on the South-Axes area with specific practical actions to be implemented.

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