Economic strategy for successful regional economic development

Province of Utrecht, the Netherlands


Support for developing a regional economic strategy.

Project summary

The province of Utrecht is doing well from an economic perspective. Utrecht is strong in knowledge and service activities and excels in Life Sciences & Health. Companies in other sectors, such as the manufacturing industry and logistics, also contribute to this strong economic position. The central location in the Netherlands, an above-average education level and a high quality of life ensure an attractive business climate. However, it is not a given that the region continues to perform well. The economy is changing rapidly due to technological developments and social cultural trends, for example the rise of e-commerce and robotics. These developments have an effect on urban space and economic structure in many ways, such as for business sites (i.e. demand for different types of work environments), traffic and transport (i.e. objectives to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions) and the labor market (e.g. demand for certain types of employees).

  • Research of the main trends in the national and regional economy and their spatial consequences
  • Analysis of the region’s economic profile
  • Development of a spatial-economic vision and strategy
  • Development of an implementation focused action agenda
  • Process management with a focus on innovation and creation of broad support from the relevant stakeholders

The economic strategy aligns the visions of partners and stakeholders within the province, thus creating optimal and future proof preconditions for successful regional economic development. The strategy involves a shared vision for the longer term and a strategic approach as well as an implementation agenda.

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