Truck Platooning

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, Talking Traffic Community


Investigate the potential benefits of sharing logistics and traffic data via the OpenTripModel (OTM).

Project summary

Data sharing in logistics and in traffic management is becoming more and more important. To support the development of efficient logistics and traffic management with data sharing the OpenTripModel (OTM) was developed as an open data model used to exchange logistics trip data via the web. The OTM makes it possible for transporting companies to incorporate real time traffic data or traffic restrictions into their transport routing. On the other hand, OTM makes it possible for road authorities to use logistics trip data, generated by trucks, to improve their insight in the actual infrastructure usage.
Now available as a free to use model it is up to shippers, transporting companies and road authorities to incorporate OTM. To give these actors more understanding of the potential benefits of using OTM BCI investigated and quantified the benefits of OTM for transporting companies, IT suppliers, and Road Authorities.


The method for this investigation consisted of several steps:

  • Interviews were held with transport companies, IT suppliers and Road Authorities to understand their knowledge about OTM and the benefits they see OTM could offer
  • Based on several data models, previously developed by BCI, these benefits were quantified for Road Authorities and transporting companies
  • Based on these quantified benefits several recommendations were made on the desired roll-out of OTM in the Netherlands and abroad

The BCI research showed that using OTM to exchange data can provide transporting companies and road authorities significant benefits. On a national scale this can eventually lead to a reduction of freight traffic in inner cities up to 20% and providing transport companies with a cost reduction between 500 Euro and 3,000 Euro per vehicle per year.

Source: BCI

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