US based Donaldson Company, a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems, announced the construction of a new filter manufacturing plant in Skarbimierz, South-Poland. Buck Consultants International advised Donaldson on the trade-off between proximity of markets/transportation costs, production costs and favorable business environments.

With annual revenues of 2.5 bln $ and 12,500 employees, Donaldson is a major industrial company. The new facility will be dedicated to the production of heavy duty air filters for both the on-road and off-road equipment markets. This new Polish plant, expected to open in 2015, represents Donaldson’s third manufacturing presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Donaldson’s successful Czech Republic operations were started in Klásterec in 2003 followed by Kadan in 2006.

Buck Consultants International and Donaldson reviewed locations in 11 countries, not only well-known Central and Eastern European countries, but also Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey. Finally, Skarbimierz was chosen, a location between Katowice and Wroclaw. The new 10,000 square meter manufacturing plant will be built on a former Russian airbase and will employ 120 workers initially. Room for future expansion is available.

“We are very pleased to add this new, state-of-art facility to our extensive manufacturing and distribution base in Europe and have appreciated the ongoing support of the Polish government and local Skarbimierz officials”, said Wim Vermeersch, Vice President Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa of Donaldson. “Based on our Company’s Strategic Growth Plan, this new plant will allow us to further increase our filter manufacturing capacity to meet our projected OEM and aftermarket customer demand throughout Europe and Russia”.

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