Conceptual development Energy & Health Campus, Petten

Economic Development Agency North-Holland


Develop a successful concept for the international Energy & Health Campus in Petten (60 km North of Amsterdam).

Project summary

Six stakeholders from the public and private sector and knowledge institutes have started an initiative to develop an Energy & Health Campus in Petten. The ambition of the Energy & Health Campus is to become an international open access campus with state of the art facilities in the domains of nuclear health and sustainable energy. The main pillars for the campus development are the companies already established in Petten, particularly the Dutch Energy Research Center (ECN), NRG (a producer of nuclear isotopes for industrial purposes) and PALLAS (a producer of nuclear isotopes for medical purposes). Important stakeholders are also the Province of Noord-Holland, the regional development organization Noord Holland Noord and several other partners.


The three focal points for the campus development are:

  • Cooperation between key actors in R&D and innovation and setting-up shared facilities
  • Creation of an attractive business and scientific environment for start-ups, grow-ups and established companies, universities and knowledge institutes
  • Offering a profitable investment location for companies in the health and energy sectors as well as real estate investors

BCI has developed a value proposition to organize close collaboration, to attract investors and to support the development of the Campus, containing the ambitions, business plans and spatial plans from the participants. Secondly, BCI has detailed the (business and spatial) masterplan for the development of the campus and organized commitment and financial support.


The proposition for the Energy & Health Campus in Petten has gained the support from all involved companies and the local, regional and national governments.

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