Earlier this year Buck Consultants International opened an office in Atlanta. Allison Turner has been appointed as Vice President North America. She liaises with American companies who want to increase their footprint abroad, whether it is in Europe, Middle East and Africa or in the Asia Pacific region.

Allison Turner: “Having worked with BCI in the past, I am thrilled to join the team. BCI has a great reputation for having extensive knowledge and capabilities in delivering high quality advice to US firms considering to optimize, expand or reconfigure their int’l operations. We have worked with over 1,500 companies in 50 countries across many industries. We are the industry leader for companies who are searching for expertise in site selection for their operations, supply chain strategies and optimization and new market strategies. I look forward to working with many US firms with a global outlook.”

Allison Turner (51) has degrees from the University of Alabama and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (MBA). After having worked for among others the Port of Rotterdam and Nissan in Europe, Allison worked as Regional Director for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency based in Atlanta, GA for 15 years providing many US firms advice on setting up foreign operations.


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