BCI Global opens two new offices in Singapore and Shanghai. “From an economic point of view Asia is still the fastest growing region in the world. Not only China, but also South East Asia with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand. Many of our US clients have growing business in Asia, which asks for dedicated advice to address the specific supply chain and location choice challenges in that region. Till now BCI Global served clients for assignments in Asia from the offices in Europe; our growing Asia practice makes the opening of an APAC office and a China office logical”, says René Buck, CEO of BCI Global.


The regional headquarters of BCI Global in Singapore will be led by Sui Leng Khoo. Born in Singapore, Sui Leng Khoo made a career as a supply chain optimization and business operational transformation expert. She held leadership positions at Motorola, Dell and Estee Lauder. René Buck: “Sui Leng is a seasoned professional with an extensive track record of successes in defining strategies, leading supply chain improvement initiatives and driving business results. With her experience of the Asia Pacific region and her inspiring leadership style, we are confident that she will build a strong team to serve our clients with the best solutions.”

Sui Leng Khoo adds: “I am excited to join BCI Global. The company has a fantastic track record of advising US corporations. Advising companies with well-thought supply chain strategies and well-based location advise for new plants, distribution centers and offices, is a wonderful challenge. I worked for 30 years for large, mainly American companies. I am eager to share my experience and partner with my esteem colleagues at BCI to provide best in class solutions for our current and new clients.”


BCI Global has also opened an office in Shanghai to serve the growing China market. “With unparalleled 6% economic growth annually, China is still very attractive for European and US companies. But optimizing supply chains or carrying out location studies in China has its own challenges. We are very pleased with Jeff Wang leading now our Shanghai office”, says René Buck, CEO of BCI Global. Jeff Wang has a long track record in advising Chinese and Western companies on the specifics of doing business in China. He is a recognized expert in the fast growing e-commerce market in China and the related supply chain and locational challenges. Jeff Wang: “We work already for many years successfully together with BCI Global. I am proud to be now BCI’s Director China. I am convinced that US companies with growth plans for China will benefit from the knowhow and experience with well-based supply chain, footprint optimization and site selection solutions”.


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