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Transport of goods

Freight transport focuses on the complete transportation chain, on hubs and nodes within chains where value is added in economic zones, on the right choice of modality and in the end the delivery of the products to the customers often in dense metropolitan areas (the so called last mile issues in logistics). Main trends in the worldwide flow of goods ending in the consumers home or kitchen are:

  • Increasing distances (also due to the fact that more is produced in China and India)
  • Smaller batches (also due to the fact that consumers have more specific requests and demand more)
  • Requirements of transports are become more strict from the larger environment (for example a focus on safe, clean and sustainable transportation chains, environmental zoning limits and limitation in delivery times within European city centres)
In the field of freight transport, Buck Consultants International is actively involved in feasibility studies, the formulation of new visions and policies, the development and implementation of innovative solutions with a focus on logistics regions, seaports and airports, innovative distribution concepts and infrastructure. In addition, our company is leading in the fields of city distribution and the adaptation of mobility management concepts.

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