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Buck Consultants International wins industry award for Best Supply Chain Consulting Partner in Asia
[February 5, 2018]

Global biopharma and medical devices companies operating in Asia have chosen the Netherlands headquartered consulting firm Buck Consultants International as best Supply Chain Consulting Partner. The annual industry awards are assigned to supply chain partners with exceptional expertise that facilitates biomanufacturing and supply chain excellence at enhanced speed, reduced cost and superior quality. The organizer IMAPAC and its judging panel announced that Buck Consultants International received the highest number of votes from the life sciences companies that participated in this industry contest.

The Potential Impacts of Brexit and How to Respond - White Paper published
[August 24, 2017]

In June 2016, the British people decided in a referendum that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. More than a year later that is one of the very few facts which is still undisputed: the UK government proceeds with this Brexit. But how and when the United Kingdom will not be a member of the current EU-28 is still very unclear. It causes uncertainty for a lot of British companies but also for the thousands of American, Asian and European firms which have operations in the United Kingdom. How can corporations develop a robust Brexit strategy? In a recent white paper Buck Consultants International explores the options.

R&D Center Locations are Technology & Talent Driven
[August 24, 2017]

In order to win the R&D rat race companies adopt three supplementary strategies: higher R&D expenditures, open innovation (intensive co-operation with universities, technological institutes, start-ups) and gobalisation, driven by the availability in specific locations around the globe of know-how and qualified talent. Worldwide more and more companies face location choices for new R&D centers. BCI's Cost-Quality-Risk location decision methodology has proven to be a state-of-the-art decision support tool.

Buck Consultants International opens offices in the Bay Area and Los Angeles
[October 30, 2016]

The international supply chain, location strategy and site selection firm Buck Consultants International, opens two new offices in California. In the Bay Area (Burlingame – San Mateo) and in Los Angeles Area (Mission Viejo). Buck Consultants International advises already many California based companies who want to increase their footprint abroad, whether it is in Europe, Middle East and Africa or in the Asia Pacific region. “We want to strengthen our presence in California.

Buck Consultants International strengthens market position in Asia
[August 31, 2016]

Buck Consultants International opens two new offices in Singapore and Shanghai. »»

What does Brexit mean for your company?
[July 21, 2016]

On June 23rd the British people voted to leave the European Union. The financial markets reacted negatively, but the UK is still the fifth largest economy in the world. It’s an export driven economy, for many American and Asian companies it is an important country for production and services operations and London is a world financial center. So what does Brexit mean for your company and how can you address the Brexit challenges?


Medtech companies review global manufacturing footprint
[June 27, 2016]

The technologies in the medtech industry are rapidly changing, while at the same time the whole industry is globalizing at a fast pace. New emerging geographies mean for US and European companies new locational challenges and new types of risks to be addressed.


A new perspective on supply chain risk management
[June 26, 2016]

Strikes at the port of Long Beach, labour disputes in France, natural disasters like an earthquake in Indonesia, a volcano eruption in Iceland grounding air flights between Europe and the US: they all disrupt supply chains. Although many companies witness the potential downside of disruptions on business continuity and performance effective supply chain risk management practices are still rare. »»

US automotive supplier Gentherm chooses Macedonia
[June 25, 2016]

Detroit based Gentherm, the global market leader and developer of innovative thermal management technologies, has opened a new production site in Prilep, Macedonia. Buck Consultants International assisted Gentherm’s European management with the site selection process: from a blank sheet covering Europe and Africa, to the exact location in the Technological Industrial Development Zone Prilep.


Omnichannel in retail is hot: order anywhere - fulfill anywhere
[June 24, 2016]

Many brand owners and retailers still have a P&L for each distribution channel: one P&L for their retail channel, one for e-commerce and one for the wholesale channel. Logistics is also organized per channel (‘silo’). But if you put the customer in the center, you need an omni channel strategy to accommodate buy everywhere – shop from everywhere - return to everywhere.


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