The risk of a no deal hard Brexit is high. Even if the European Commission and the British government come to a kind of agreement, the question is whether there will be enough political support on both sides of the Channel.

BCI Global has become one of Europe’s experts on the Brexit challenges. Immediately after the British referendum in June 2016, BCI consultants assisted clients with Brexit Assessment Scans and Contingency Planning. But the last 12 months companies implement already strategies, because they want to avoid import tariffs in a hard Brexit situation (i.e. no deal on free flows of goods and services between the United Kingdom and the 27 member states of the European Union) and fear waiting lines at borders and additional customs paperwork. Strategies include:

  • procurement from other suppliers/locations
  • relocating (parts of) operations from the UK to other European countries
  • setting up small distribution centers in the UK to serve the British market
  • strategic footprint reviews of and/or location choices for manufacturing plants, warehouses or support centers

For corporations BCI has a white paper (Autumn 2017) and an up-to-date presentation (October 2018) available, which identify supply chain solutions for the Brexit challenges.

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