The pressure on rates and unparalleled capacity constraints in transportation during the Covid-19 pandemic makes companies even more aware of the relevance of managing freight in a professional way. Clear views in freight cost developments and more important the predictive insight towards the future enables companies to make the right choices. The BCI Transportation Monitor assists in how to manage costs and to define your freight procurement strategies short and long-term.

Transportation rates expected to continue to rise

Not only the slowdown of the economy, but also other forces drive transportation rates up such as belly capacity constraints in airfreight, blank sailings and false positioning of containers in ocean freight and border delays due to upcoming Brexit in European road freight. And the end of the cost increase is not expected to end yet, as demonstrated by the predictive insights of BCI's Transportation Monitor. Details and different impacts on specific lanes are included in the monitor.

Insights in historical and future transportation costs

The bi-annually published BCI Transportation Monitor provides market intelligence about historical as well as expected future freight rate developments of European road freight and global air and sea freight. The BCI Transportation Monitor enables supply chain and procurement professionals to develop and adjust their procurement strategy and tactics.

Recommendations how to reduce freight costs

In this version of the monitor 6 key strategies are defined that companies can embark on to reduce freight costs. The recommended strategies include:

  • Freight benchmarking
  • Freight tendering / procurement
  • Longer term contracting instead of spot rate buying
  • Shifting modalities
  • Optimizing flows and networks
  • Collaborating in Logistics

Download the transportation monitor below

Read the monitor and view the webinar recording and use it to determine your freight procurement strategy or ask for help to determine your specific strategies or procurement support. You can request the webinar recording via one of our experts below.

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